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How to use Tasks & Events

You can create tasks and events in Ninjodo for anything you need to do or remember to do.

Your account will have it's own default tasks like; Phone Call, Meeting & Todo

You can add tasks in the following places:

  • On a customer (contact) record page - Left side below photo
  • On a cusomter (contact) record page - While typing a new note, choose Schedule Next
  • On a resouce (sales) record page - Left side below "Who Involved"
  • While reading an email in the inbox - Right side in person panel

Here is a quick look at getting started with Tasks:


You can and should add your own common business tasks into your account to help save time and make Ninjodo feel more like YOUR system.

You can add your own tasks to your account here:

Anything in the Task Types list will be available for you to select when Scheduling a new task.