How to setup my email signature | Ninjodo Learning & Support Centre

How to setup my email signature

  1. Goto Your Admin Panel
  2. Click on Email from the left menu ( )
  3. Choose "My Email Signature" from the settings dropdowns
  4. Begin creating/editing your email signature using the editor toolbar
    1. SHORTCUT: You can copy and paste your signature here from your email client (EG Gmail) to save time
    2. For PCs: Use "Ctrl + V" to paste your signature into the email editor window
    3. For Macs: Use "Command + V" to paste your signature into the email editor window
  5. When finished, click "Update Signature"

Using Images:

  • The best method to get images into your signature is to have them stored on the internet somewhere (such as your website or, you can then use the URL (or Link) for the image (e.g. in your signature and emails. This keeps your emails smaller and helps with deliverability to other people
  • When using the toolbar to add images, SOURCE is looking for a URL like the above point
  • If you are unable to get this working and need to use an image from your computer, you can drag n drop it into the editor and then resize it by grabbing one of the corners of the image to get it down to the right size
  • Always use the smallest image file size you can in email and other online areas such as your website or blog. You can use these websites to compress the file size down: and 

Get More Traffic:

  • Don't just link to your website. Give people a reason to link to it. Use a powerful, thought provoking question that makes people realise the link to your website will offer the answer. Such as:

    "Are you have trouble with saving for retirement?" (Financial Planning example)

    "Are you trying to get more traffic to your website?" (SEO Consultant example)

    "Is your small business ready for tax time?" (Accounting example)