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How to set up Outgoing Mail (SMTP) settings?

If you are using a mail server, such as Google Apps (Gmail), Outlook 365 or even througjust through your web hosting, then you can have your outgoing emails from Ninjodo show up in your sent items of your inbox.

To do this you will need to know the following 4 pieces of information:

  • Incoming IMAP & Outgoing SMTP Hostname
  • Incoming IMAP & Outgoing SMTP Port
  • Required Authentication Method (Typically SSL or TLS)
  • Username (for your mailbox)
  • Password (for your mailbox)
  1. Goto your Admin center, and choose Email from the left menu (
  2. Choose "Connect My Mail" from the dropdown
  3. For Gmail Users:

    1. For SMTP Host / Server enter the following: 
    2. For SMTP Port enter the following: 465 or 587
    3. For Authentication Method choose SSL (for port 465) OR TLS (for port 587)
  4. For Non-Gmail Users:

    1. For IMAP Host / Server enter your incoming mail server name (eg or
    2. For IMAP Port enter the following: 993 or check with your hosting provider for the correct port number)
    3. For IMAP Authentication choose SSL (for port 993) or try Plain if you are using a different port number
    4. For SMTP Hostname enter your outgoing mail server name (eg or
    5. For SMTP Port enter the following: 465 or 587
    6. For Authentication Method choose SSL (for port 465) OR TLS (for port 587)
  5. Click "Update Settings"

  6. Now scroll down to User Mailboxes
  7. Click on the settings cog (on the right) of each user in your account.
  8. Enter the Username & Password that you log in to your email account with
  9. Click "Update Settings"

Gmail users need to update a setting on Google to allow a 3rd party tool like Ninjodo to send the email for you. See this article to make sure you have told Goolge to allow Ninjodo to send emails for you:
You have now completed your settings. Send yourself or a friend a test email from inside Ninjodo to confirm you receive it and that it also shows up in your sent items.

NB: By default you do not need to set your Outgoing Mail SMTP to send emails from Ninjodo. But doing so will help ensure a higher delivery rate due to receiving mail servers knowing your email has definitely been sent by you.