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How to set automatic reminders in sales & workflows

When you're dealing with leads & customers you may want to have some things happen automatically, such as; a reminder to follow up with a client after they purchase or perhaps see how they're going on their 1 month anniversary of working with you.

You can set reminders to occur automatically when someone is moved to a new step in yoru sales or workflow:

  1. Goto your Admin settings area (purple button in top right corner or
  2. Click on "Dropdowns & Flows" (
  3. Choose the "Sales & Workflows" tab
  4. Choose the flow you wish to add some automatic tasks/reminders to
  5. Find the step in that flow you wish the task/reminder to occur on and click the settings icon on the right
  6. Choose "Create Task"
  7. Fill in the details and click "Save Changes"

Now whenever a contact is added into this step of this flow, Ninjodo will ask if you wish for this task to be created.

You can choose Yes or No (in case you don't).