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How to insert links in your emails

There are two ways to insert a link into an email.

First method:

1. When you are typing a new message, find the insert link button in the email tool bar (it looks like a chain link)


2. If you would like the URL to be shown in the email body, copy and paste or type the link into "To what URL should this link go" field

It will automatically fill in the "text to display" field as well

3. If you would like to display text for the link instead of the URL in the email body instead ( for example "click here to access the link", "watch video here" etc.) insert text into the "text to display" field and then insert the URL into the "To what URL should think link go" field

4. Click the blue "Insert Link" button

5. And this is how it's going to look in the actual email:

Second method:

If you've already typed in the text you want to be hyperlinked, follow these simple steps:

1. Highlight the text to be hyperlinked

2. Click on the "insert link" button in the toolbar

3. The "text to display" field will automatically be filled with the highlighted text.

4. Insert the desired link into the "To what URL should this link go?" field

5. Click the blue "Insert Link" button

And you are done :)