How to create an invoice in Xero through Ninjodo? | Ninjodo Learning & Support Centre

How to create an invoice in Xero through Ninjodo?

Once you have created a Resource for your sale, you can then create (and send) an invoice straight to the customer.

To create an invoice in Xero through Ninjodo:

Step 1 - Click [Create Xero Invoice]

From the resource detail page, click on [Create Xero Invoice] below the Revenue items towards the middle of the page 


Note: You may be redirected to authorise with Xero, this is normal to update your account with new security access

Step 2 - Update the Details for the Invoice

Once the invoice box is open, you can adjust the settings for the invoice.


Options you can change:

  • Revenue Item
  • Xero Account for the sale
  • Contact who will receive the invoice
  • Tax rate
  • Invoice Template (Branding Theme)
  • Due Date
  • * Optional: Change the description for the invoice

Step 3 - Click "Create Invoice" or "Create & Send Invoice"

  • If you wish to create the invoice but not send it till later, simply click "Create Invoice" You can then click on the Xero Icon next to the revenue item when you are ready to send it later (See below)