How do I import contacts from a spreadsheet or CSV? | Ninjodo Learning & Support Centre

How do I import contacts from a spreadsheet or CSV?

The following steps and video will allow you to import your existing contacts from a spreadsheet into Ninjodo.


For best results, download the template here and copy your data into the correct column.

  1. From the main menu, click "People" (or )
  2. Next in the top right look for the purple "Import Contacts" button 
  3. Choose "HQ CSV Import" from the dropdown
  4. Click "Select a CSV" and choose the file you wish to import (Note: Your spreadsheet must be in *.csv format )
  5. Click "Upload"
  6. When the page loads and you see the data from your spreadsheet on screen, review the data to make sure it is correct (Don't try to import bad data, or email addresses into name fields etc)
  7. At the top of each column you wish to import, choose a field from the dropdown to tell Ninjodo what data is in the column (Note: Ninjodo will try to auto predict, but double check)
  8. Once all the columns have been mapped correctly, select 1 record to import as a test by ticking the box on the left of the table
  9. Now click the Import button to import the record you have selected
  10. Review the fields that have been mapped in the popup window to make sure you didn't miss anything
  11. Confirming:
    1. If you are happy all the fields were mapped correctly, choose: Yes Import Now
    2. If something is missing, choose: Don't Import Yet and return to step 7 to make any changes required.
  12. Now open the People page again and review the record you imported to make sure you did it correctly:
    1. If you are happy with the result, proceed to step 13
    2. If you made a mistake, return to step 1 and repeat the process being sure to correct any errors you may have made the first time
  13. Return to step 1 and repeat the steps, this time selecting as many records as you would like to import.
Please ask us for help if you are not confident to do this and we can guide you through it. The video above will also show you how to do this.