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How do I get my website form enquiries into Ninjodo?

If you have a Wordpress website using Contact Form 7 you can:

  • create new contacts automatically from your website
  • automatically attach enquiry emails to contact files
  • automatically tag enquiries so you can find them easily
It's a simple set and forget.
Step 1 - Make sure you have the Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin installed & connected

Step 2 - Configure your enquiry form settings
  1. Login to the admin area of your Wordpress site
  2. Click on "Ninjodo" in the left side menu (this will expand the sub-menu)
  3. Click on "Contact Forms"
  4. You will see 2 columns of dropdown lists. The left side will show you the fields in the forms you have on your site. The right will show you the available ways for those fields to be sent into Ninjodo.

    Choose from the right side dropdowns, the appropriate way you would like the form field information sent into Ninjodo.

    Note: Ninjodo will try to auto-predict this, but double check everything looks correct

    If something cannot be mapped directly to an option such as Name or Email, then simple choose "Add to Note"
  5. Update any tags/labels you would like applied to the contact EG "Website Enquiry"
  6. Keep the box ticked if you would like this data sent into Ninjodo. (Note: If you have a form on your site you do not want sent into Ninjodo, then simply untick the box for that form)
  7. Click 'Save Changes"


Step 3 - Test It

It's always a good idea to test and make sure you have done things correctly. Goto your website and pretend to be a customer. 
Fill in your enquiry or contact form and submit it. Then go into your Ninjodo account and check if you/your enquiry was added to your account.
If you are not successful in this step, try retracing your steps to make sure you've done everything correctly. If you still cannot find out what's happened, get in touch with using the support request in the bottom right and we will help you get everything sorted :)